…Under Construction…

The building started just like any other; with an idea, a plan and an execution of said plan. From the ground up the building began to grow taller and taller by the day. A new room for a new resident and a new floor for a new day. As the building grew and grew, more people were brought in to assist with the construction.

New people began flooding in uncontrollably, each influencing the building in there own way. Although people came and went daily, most having little influence, many remained and became apart of the project. These people transformed the building and altered the original plan. The ones who started the building lost power by the hour and the building developed numerous extensions.

But the owners were not worried you see, for they were confident in their foundations that they had layed and trusted that the building would withstand the extensions being forever added to it.

The building will never stop growing because it will always find new residents, there will always be more people wanting to help and wanting to destroy. One day the building will be bought and the new owner will continue to add onto the building but its roots shall always remain with the ones that started it.

The building is my life, its residents are experiences and its rooms are memories, its workers are colleagues, friends and enemies and its extensions are the impressions that people have left behind. But no matter how big and how high it grows from the ground, its roots will always remain with its parents, my parents.

6 thoughts on “…Under Construction…

  1. Hi Bailey
    That is so true. You are most fortunate to have parents who have given you the strongest roots possible. You might sway with the wind and be ravaged by storms but your roots will hold and you will be able to withstand anything that comes your way. Give thanks to your parents

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