The Quaternarian Period

It starts with my hands, then crawls up my arms towards my neck. My body stiffens and renders my limbs useless. Collapsed on the floor I can feel it creep up my neck. Finally it reaches my brain where it slowly corrupts my thoughts and turns me into a mindless vessel. You begin to feast on yourself until your organs hang loose. You bleed out in a matter of minutes and rest in an ocean of blood.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning. This is a story of the downfall of mankind, there is no hero to save them for they do not deserve such a saviour. For the past 5 billion years, since the formation of Earth, the planet has undergone numerous mass extinctions some of which have wiped out more than 80% of all species currently living on the planet. Super volcanoes, earthquakes, ice age and meteors are all the planets way of “resetting” and keeping the natural balance to prevent the world from becoming over-populated. Deer eat the grass, lions eat the deer. Fish eat seaweed, bigger fish eat those fish and sharks eat them. A simple food chain. Everything in nature has a natural predator which keeps global numbers balanced. And then, the birth of man. A specimen which would go on to change the course of the world and become the most dominant species. Humans natural predator is disease, nature’s way of culling the numbers but then we invented modern medicine; vaccines, chemotherapy and antibiotics. We found a way to become ‘invincible’ and so our numbers grew unconditionally.

In the year 2035 the global population had reached 11.5 billion. Naturally the earth is only able to produce enough resources to sustain 3 billion humans. Realising this problem, the planet began its natural course of a system reboot. Earth’s temperatures rose. Sea levels rose. Ground breaking earthquakes wrecked cities. Tsunamis wiped out entire villages. Ferocious storms erased massive crop yields. It was the most brutal series of natural disasters ever witnessed by man. It persisted for 3 years and still the human race managed to survive. Resilient and stubborn bastards we are. As if Mother Nature’s assault wasn’t enough, the few thousand that remained faced the most devastating and gruesome biological disease. It began in your hands and spreads up your arms. Your body gives in and you fall to the floor. It infects your brain and turns you on yourself, feeding on your skin and bones.


  • Average temperature: 43°C
  • Ocean coverage: 91%
  • Ozone layer: regenerating
  • Human population: 0

6 thoughts on “The Quaternarian Period

  1. Quite the dystopian vision. I have a similar viewpoint but in my “vision” mankind does not end, it mutates into a new species. It takes hundreds of years during which the “old” predatory man’s numbers are gradually but drastically reduced until none of that is left. All aspects of the current global civilization are destroyed as the mutants create a new system of empathetic, telepathic, compassionate interaction. I give it a thousand years to complete the transition. If nature went from 11.5 billions to zero in five years the results would be beyond catastrophic. The diseases emanating from dead bodies alone would probably destroy the planet’s ability to sustain any kind of life, except maybe for cockroaches. Interesting speculations huh!

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