My friend my friend.

Everyday I play your condescending game,

And you make me think that I’m winning.

When I’m feeling down you’re to blame

Because all you do is keep my head spinning.

You toy with my emotions

And send me mixed messages,

If only I had an assortment of potions

To help me navigate your twisted passages.

I’ve had lots of time to sit and think

And still I battle to find the missing link.

A thought crossed my mind

That maybe I’ve been blind,

You have always been a wonderful friend to me

So maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

I thought about it for too long

And now I’m starting to think that I was wrong.

You’re my best friend

But I am not yours.

There was a day when the feeling was mutual

But time is water and love is soluble.

Who’s to blame,

For the fade in our love’s flame?

I apologise for all the accusations that I made before,

I hope it’s a matter you are and able to ignore.

My love for you is strong

And I know that you sing the same song

But you must know that it is difficult

To share you with the world,

And for that reason I must let you go

So that you may flourish and grow!

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