You Don’t.

You see that’s just it!

You don’t understand,

You never have

And you never will.

Once upon a time you too were young,

Until time got a hold of you.

Now you attempt to guide me using your wisdom,

But it’s not quite the same

Because the guidance you show me is obscured.

Obscured by the world and the scars it’s given you,

Obscured by the prejudices you’ve come to know,

And obscured by the faded memory of who you once used to be.

I don’t blame you for it,

For one day I shall do the same.

The task is a colossus one,

To understand the mind of a teenager

When I myself don’t quite get it yet.

So it’s not that I’m mad at you

And it’s not that I hate you

It’s simply,

You don’t understand.

7 thoughts on “You Don’t.

  1. Okay. That was nice, heartfelt. Go back through it, cut every unnecessary word, every adverb, every word that softens. Every explanatory (because) and make it an unmistakable knock out punch. It will be 30% shorter, more mature, and kick ass. Let me know when you’re done.

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  2. I am reminded of some of my students as I read your post. Keep writing. It is a way to get rid of ill feeling and to also express joy, comfort others. In other words I believe writing helps you know yourself better. I look forward to reading more. Thanks for stopping by Poemattic.

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