Soldier’s Rest

A great storm raged. One of the greatest I have ever witnessed. It was fierce, so fierce the buildings that stood for hundreds of years gave way without hesitation. As I lie here in a puddle of my own blood I find it amusing. Watching the Gods rampage across the town. They were furious. Furious at whom you ask? Well then you may just have to take a seat and let me share with you the story of my family, my odyssey and my fate.

Oh what a wonderful boy he was, my son. Smartest child I had ever seen. Had the blacksmithing skills of an ancient forgery master he did and he hadn’t even seen his 11th year. The apple of my eye and the light of my life, taken away from me in a blink of an eye! Those demons should pay! No, I’m sorry; I promised myself that I wouldn’t get angry. I loved him dearly, oh what I would give to take his place, so young he was.

My strength, my heart and my being, my wife. She was the bravest women to ever bless this earth. I never deserved her and now I have to live with the weight of knowing… of knowing that I should have been there.

We fought our first fight in years and so I spent my evening in the tavern drinking my sorrow away. If only I had stayed…

Massacre, animalistic, butchery! Their heads hung lifeless from their shoulders. Marauders raided the town and they were defenseless because of some stupid fight over what was probably nothing.

They warned me, everyone warned me of the dangers and the curse I would bear but that never stopped me. My odyssey began, one for the legends I tell you! I journeyed over mountains and through forests. I battled my way into caves and I fought my way out. My destination was one that was only spoken of but never acted upon. The home of death himself and arguably, life.

A gate, a single gate stood between me and my journeys end. Two crumbling pillars held up an old rusted gate which oozed death. A spooky mist slithered on the hallowed ground and hugged my feet. I passed through the gate and followed the path to the chamber that lay ahead. I was about to enter when I heard a noise. A lost soul buried into a helpless corpse. Hundreds in fact, we call them the guardians. Death itself commands these pitiful souls to keep adventurers out of his domain. I knew then that I should have run but rage overcame ration and my sword was flying about, banishing the souls back to their own realm. I fought hard and I fought well but alas, there were too many. I became overwhelmed and I was struck down, my body to become another empty vessel for some lost soul. It was forbidden to even attempt to revive the dead and hence the fury of the Gods. I still find it amusing how the Gods raged about because of my attempt to bring my family back yet what they don’t realize is that as I lay here, sharing my story with you, my soul is creeping out of me, slowly. It is preparing for its ride to the other realm where it may reunite with my family once again. The Gods have caused exactly what they set out to stop. I win.

Thank you so much for reading my story. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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