What was he thinking?

Oh yeah. He was there alright. Watched the whole damn thing! I saw him and I looked into his god-forsaken soul as I bled every last drop of blood I had left in me. I know he heard them, every bloody word those rotten pigs spat onto me. He also saw what they did, he was the only witness, my only chance at justice. But no, no no no. He just gazed upon my lacerated body from the upper corner window as if he was watching his life long plan beautifully unravel before his eyes. For so many years we’ve been like brothers, so many years that I’ve forgotten how many, just to leave me to my demise? I wish I knew what was going through his head that cold night because anything would be better than what I’m imagining right now. He could have at least called someone but for heaven’s sake he didn’t even have the slightest look of sadness on his cursed face!

I hung there for two days in the darkness with no food nor water. You know you start to imagine things after two days of being alone, sans food, sans water, sans light. My shoulders began to lose feeling as my body’s weight strained them like never before. I heard a door crack in the darkness. It sounded like a large metal door, one used to keep something contained, permanently. Heavy footsteps approached me until a silhouette revealed itself to me. As my eyes adjusted the figure became more visible. It was a short, fat, unkempt man with a baton in his left hand. His right hand creepily caressed my cheek and I heard his breath deepen but when I tugged my face away from his disgusting palms my gut met his baton. It was like his weapon was specifically designed to fit into my abdomen exactly and break each and every rib as effortlessly as possible. I felt the air leave my body until their was almost nothing left.

Gasping for any air I could find I heard a conversation in the distance. “This is the one you requested. Untouched, unrefined and completely malleable to whatever you desire it to be.” The large metal door opened once again but this time there were no footsteps. I searched frantically around me for someone although I knew that no one was probably better than someone. Giant, blinding lights lit up the room. Two men stood before me, the one was the little fat shit from before but the other was a serious, evil and sinister looking man. The fat torturer closed in on me with a new weapon of pain. The sinister man stood there and watched as I had the life beaten out of me.

I lay down on the floor looking up at the ceiling which had two skylight windows. The bat hit my face and blurred my vision but I saw something in the window. The fat man retired to the sinister man’s side and they observed me on the floor, squirming like an earthworm without its earth. Slowly my vision cleared and the person in the window became clear too. It was him. He was watching but he didn’t do anything. The two men approached me and began to slowly cut me very carefully as if not to kill me, only damage. I stared at him while he looked through the window with that blank face of his. The feeling of betrayal overcame me and the cutting became painless.

I blacked out and when I came to I was being dragged on the floor in some hallway until I blacked out again. Why would he just watch? We were like brothers for countless years. Maybe he was scared and just froze or maybe he just wasn’t the person I thought he was. I was tossed into a cell and left for dead. If I didn’t run out of air to breath I would have definitely bled to death soon, at least it would have been soon. I lay my head down and stared aimlessly at the sky through the prison bars above my cell. A hand reached through the grid and a familiar voice sounded, “How about we get you out of here?”

Thank you so much for reading my short story, it means the world to me. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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